2020 has been a tough year for a lot of people but Yung Gwopp has taken it in his stride with features in some of Spotify’s biggest playlists including A1, New Music Friday, The Drip and the cover art for Mellow Styles which has over 60,000 + Followers.

Yung Gwopp has grown up in rural Australia and moved to Brisbane to pursue his goal of becoming one of Australia’s biggest Hip Hop exports.

Being exposed to music at an early age, Gwopp found himself learning musical instruments, such as the guitar and solace in bands such as Simple Plan, Green Day and Blink 182 in his formative years.

As he grew, his interests changed toward the hip hop niche as he could relate the sonic emotions displayed in the music. At the age of 12, he discovered music production software that allowed him to re-create and experiment with heavy 808’s, fascinating synths and movable snare drums. 
 As he developed his passion, he took on the alias of Yung Gwopp and began to release emotively based hip hop on SoundCloud. Gaining recognition on each release, he decided to take the next step and develop his sound and collaborate with other artists. 
Whatever is to come for this Brisbane local, one thing is certain, a consistent flow of quality music will always follow.

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