Synonymous for warping creative standards, Lucille Croft is omitting the norm and signaling a new affinity in the future­‐house realm. Endowing the electronic music industry dutifully, this Melbourne DJ, producer and ardent fashion influencer sees her profile as the house savant behind the decks, earning herself an active calendar in Australia and across the seas. Synonymous with freakishly alluring play, Lucille Croft owns her esteemed musical authority.

Deepening the Melbourne house crusade, Lucille is savvy on her club work and plays the field effortlessly. With an avid approach to dance floor ready music, a house enthusiast’s love for its domain and an ominous take on le nitery, she maintains a strict demeanor­‐ powering the sharpest female caliber in an oh­‐so­‐male dominated playground. Leading an impressive tour road, she is quite the staple in the scene, across Australia’s most prominent venues and festivals from Marquee Sydney to Beyond the Valley and Stereosonic to It’s The Ship Festival Singapore over the summer.

The times head invite a bright infusion from Lucille’s studio, beckoning avant­‐garde studio flare and ensuring unparalleled house hallmarks are her promised product. Future beats with an illusive ragged edge upon them, guide the way for her, welcoming a perfect musical agenda upon her anticipated debut EP and official remixes to hit the road. Devout to the music, Ms. Croft has found her form of expression knowing that music is what feelings sound like, making her a sheer future house evangelist.

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