At just 20 years old, it is hard to believe Eric Sidey has been playing venues around Melbourne and Australia for five years already. But when you see this young minimal prodigy’s performances, it becomes a whole lot less surprising. Utilising live acapellas, mashups and more loops than a Californian theme park, Eric Sidey can have a room go from chanting together, to slapping walls.

Eric’s sound is characterized by thick textured basslines, infectious top-lines and groovy rhythms, a combination which has seen Eric’s music garner millions of plays worldwide, and made him a sought-after name outside of his humble eastern suburbs home. His character sound also had his music frequently played by some of this biggest names in Minimal and EDM, in his home country of Australia and abroad. Eric’s tracks have been supported by names like, Mark Dekoda, Droplex, Joel Fletcher, JDG, Orkestrated and many more. His collaboration ‘Fear and Loathing,’ saw Eric sit at #1 on the Beatport Minimal Charts for almost two months.

With influences spreading right across the musical spectrum, from Parkway Drive to Kanye West, from Vanilla Fudge and The Rolling Stones to Wu Tang Clan and The Avalanches, and a guitar playing background, it comes as a bit of a surprise that of all things, Eric Sidey chose dance music production, but we are happy he did. And so will you when he hits a venue near you.

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