Citing Scottish folk music as an influence is an unlikely beginning for any electronic artist, yet for DCUP’s Duncan MacLennan that story is nothing but the truth. Memories of his father singing with friends as Duncan obsessed over Michael Jackson’s ‘Dangerous’ are all to blame for the enigmatic producers fruitful inspiration as an artist. And as a child glued to the television, enamored by acts like The Prodigy and the Chemical Brothers, DCUP’s Duncan MacLennan dreamed of fulfilling something bigger.

In school he found wonderment in creating electronic sounds, and a bigger piece of the world opened up when he received a Casio keyboard in Grade 10. From the beginning it was obvious MacLennan had a gift for carving out hooks, re-working samples and mixing sounds that quickly garnered attention and built the foundations for a promising career in electronic music. Later, gaining acclaim from fellow Australian DJ AJAX and getting signed to prominent Australian dance label Sweat It Out after just one demo record, worked to seal his undeniable talent for many. Building a unique brand of addictive dance electronica, bursting with power synths and sugar coated hooks, MacLennan has now become synonymous with the nu-disco tag.

With 2010’s monumental success of ‘We No Speak Americano’, DCUP and collaborators Yolanda Be Cool quickly took the club scene by storm. As the springboard for DCUP’s international career, the song garnered more than 50 million plays on Youtube, giving MacLennan an audience far wider than he thought possible. Through all the success of his shimmering electronic euro funk, McLennan’s collaborating once more with Yolanda Be Cool on their latest release, ‘Sugar Man’. Reinvisioning the classic 1970’s tune by Rodriguez, ‘Sugar Man’ promises to be their most dynamic track yet. With new music in the works for 2015, DCUP “would like to make music that makes people join hands.” The future for DCUP is bright, with many more tunes in the pipeline – the world is excited to see what’s going to come next.

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