From a quiet charming country-girl to a vibrant alluring international artist, Brooklyn is a performer who occupies her own unique space in the music industry and dances to the beat of her own drum.

Her effortless tomboy-chic style, seamless music sets and theatrical performance fuse together to create stunning visuals that entirely immerses the crowd who just absorb her energy.

This is one rising performer who HASN’T been plucked from a model casting call, or emerged from the depths of Instagram or reality TV. She did it the hard way with a fire in her belly and a strong mindset until she solidified her place in the Australian Dance Music scene.

Brooklyn has remained grounded despite organically cultivating almost 900k devoted fans across her social media channels by being her true-self, naturally connecting with followers, projecting positivity while retaining an element of mystery.

In 2018 she released her debut single, Foolish, which quickly became a memorable summer anthem across the airways and landed on some big Spotify playlists with it peaking at #16 on the viral charts. Her second single is set to be released early this year with fans eager to hear her next big sound.

Her striking bright green eyes have seen some of the biggest crowds across the globe at Omina in Bali, Creamfields in the UK and on the world’s largest cruise ship festival, ‘It’s the ship’.

When global megastar David Beckham toured Vietnam to promote his whiskey he called upon Brooklyn to jump on the journey with him to do what she does best; create a united buzz in the room.

Her passport is flowing with stamps from performances in Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, South Korea, Thailand, England, Scotland and Ireland where she left a lasting impression with fans who constantly ask when she’ll be returning to their local hot spot.

You can encounter Brooklyn’s encompassing vibe at Ultra Music Festival this year but don’t be ‘Foolish’ in thinking festivals are new territory for her with previous shows on the mainstage at Australia’s past music festivals; Stereosonic and Future Music.

Creating the Brooklyn Empire has left her with a chock-a-block touring schedule across the globe and throughout Australia with most of her time spent going between airports, hotels and the stage.

You’ll catch her at some of the big name venues across the country such as Adelaide’s HQ Complex, Marquee Sydney and Eatons Hill in Brisbane.

When she’s on the DJ platform you can expect big room sounds, electro-house, iconic anthems and deep bass tracks, all while at any moment jumping off the decks to bring an element of dance to her performance.

In 2019 Brooklyn will become fiercer with visions to put on conceptual shows which encompass every bewitching feature about her from her performance, her look, her attitude and of course her music.

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