You’re currently on tour down under, have you guys been here before?  What’s been some of your highlights so far on this trip, and what are you looking forward to experiencing?

It’s actually our first time here! We’re really excited cause we always wanted to come to Australia! So far, we’re loving the vibe from the people and the places we visited, Byron Bay just became one of our favorite places haha! There’s so many things we’re looking forward to experiencing, but the gigs are probably the one thing we’re looking forward the most right now. We don’t know what to expect, but we’re excited!

It’s been inspiring watching your journey over the last 12 months, in Australia your track ‘Your Body’ took off and seemed as though it was in every club DJ’s set list, how did this record come about?

That’s great to hear! “Your Body” is a song we’re really proud of, because it was our very first hit and till today people ask for it in the gigs. It was awesome making it, we were just having fun in the studio and it actually were 100% done in no more than 3 days. Guess we were inspired hahahah.

Flash forward 12 months and we have your release ‘Keep on Loving’ which is killing it on Spotify, what does this record say about your musical evolution as artists?

“Keep On Lovin’” is a special one for us, cause it’s more than just a record, it tells a story. Everything about it, every part of its production shows how much not only we, but Le Dib as well, evolved as artists, how many people we have by our side now and how we’ve grown musically. The result was so awesome, that we even made a music video for it, that was also something really meaningful for our career and we are very proud of it.

Who are some artists that you’re really digging at the moment that we should look out for?

At the moment, we’re really digging Rüfüs Du Sol’s new album. We like them for a while now, and their last releases are incredible, we’re really addicted to it haha! For new artists, as always we would say to people to be aware of JØRD, he is one of the best producers we have ever met!


Whats your 2 favourite tracks (by any artist) out right now?

1 – Rüfüs Du Sol – All I’ve Got

2 – Rüfüs Du Sol – Eyes

Their new album is sick! We are so addicted, that’s why we chose 2 tracks from it hahahah.


Any exclusive info about upcoming music or touring you can tell us about?

After Australia, we’ll be playing in Ireland for the first time too and then we’ll be heading back to Brazil. This was a fantastic tour year for us, cause we got the chance to play in a lot of great places. We actually played in all five continents this year! About the music, we released a lot of tracks and we have so many tracks already done, so great collabs with great artists that we are really excited with, and a lot of awesome solo tracks as well. Can’t wait to show everything to you guys!

What are some dream collabs for you guys?

I think since the beginning, the artist that we consider a dream collab is Skrillex. He’s an inspiration to us and just having the chance to produce with him would be one of the best experiences of our lives. But we dream to collab with many people hahahah, If I would list it here, it would take forever.

What are 3 tips you would give to any upcoming DJ’s/producers?

First of all, you’ve gotta really love music and producing, cause it’s never easy in the beginning. A lot of people will call you crazy and say that you’ll never make it, but if you’re truly passionate about it, believe in yourself and don’t give up. Another important thing is to always surround yourself with people who also believes in you, people who will support and be there for you, that’s really important! And for last, study! Always know what’s going on in the music world, get to know other artists and practise a lot! There’s a lot of people trying to make it out there, so stand out! Live it 24/7!