Jared McFarlin, best known as Party Thieves, is a 24-ˇyear-ˇold producer, DJ, and entertainer. Hailing from New York, a career in music wasn’t always the plan for Jared since he attended West Point, a prestigious military academy. He never imagined to be performing for thousands of people. Party Thieves has rapidly expanded his influence into the EDM and Bass community. Jared has released major hits ranging from remixes to edits to jaw dropping originals. His latest Undrafted EP was the first EP released off Flosstradamus’ new label, Hi-ˇDef-ˇYouth. Dedicating his EP to his nephew Jon, Jared shows his dark, emotional, and powerful range of production. With other originals like Rise, Zero Gravity, Savages, and his 2015 hit Chief, Party Thieves has gained thousands of fans and supporters, coining his following as the Theft Army. Party Thieves has garnered millions of plays on all social platforms, helping him to play all over the world. He has headlined two tours in Australia, played in front of 5,000 people at EDC NY, and is on the last leg of his 2016 Undrafted EP Tour.

“I went to EDC NY in 2013, kind of on a whim” he recalls. “Hearing all of these crazy sounds, I was totally inspired. I figured if I could master producing and mixing, I’d have the ability to come back, write, record, and produce myself, using the computer as an instrument. When the Party Thieves  project really took shape, my goal was to try to find a way to bring that together and create a massive brand.”

As he moves forward in 2016, Party Thieves is working on his 2nd EP, a project with one of his influences, HUCCI, as well as finish up the highly anticipated collab with another influence of his, Flosstradamus. With no set date for either project to drop, Jared will continue to tour, produce, and strengthen the Party Thieves brand.

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