Blending trap, electronica and R&B to create an impactful, catchy and a unique new pop sound set forth from the cosmos, MzUki arrives with a message for the dreamers. The 23-year-old Melbourne based starlet’s talent is a culmination of her years of songwriting and breakout star quality. Speaking to every soul who knows they were made for more. She transcends space and time to make you dance, laugh, reflect, grow and rejoice. Inspiring empowerment for the individual and the collective through powerful rap and soulful singing. Subtly reminding us that we are on an important mission here. You were made for more. She has proven a unique talent mixed with undeniable star quality beginning her journey on X Factor, MzUki is an entertainer who has worked on perfecting her craft and is now ready to unleash her talents to the world, quickly building and gaining momentum in an industry that is in desperate need of her energy and unique voice. With her debut single “Unicorn” charting at #3 on the Triple J unearthed charts and gaining spins on Triple J, FBI, 96.1 and many more. She is a fierce performer with a look and sound that demands attention – a lot of eyes are awaiting her next moves.

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