On that west coast grid but with boarding cards fit for a high roller, Perth’s Aleisha Hudson plays one side global model and the other- a heavy hitting DJ with a powerful potential where the anticipation is hard to deny. Taking an auditory explosion of trap and dubstep sounds from her collection straight to the gritty dance floor enthusiasts, Aleisha rings true to her mission of raising the bar behind the DJ booth.

Reveling in music at during her youngest years, Aleisha held strong music stance as an avid songwriter and singer, shaping the road ahead and paving its steps straight to the club. As a globally travelled model, the creative and fashion forward social media influencer’s spark lights up her route, taking enviable opportunities around the world and setting heights high for her music future. Going full throttle, the dark side is concreting its demeanor in the hearts of die-hard electronic music fans; bathing fiercely in a potent, yet fierce taint with bass heavy trap and dubstep beats.

Ready to mark her iconic existence in Perth and beyond, Aleisha Hudson has begun rattling the core of many an electronic devotee.

Aleisha is managed by one of the best in the business (Joey Lamattina) which is well known for creating 5 of Australia’s biggest superstar DJ’s.

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