Yesterday Lucky Ent announced it had partnered with one of Australia’s biggest YouTube channels to create a HUGE music hub! Today we sat down with Matt from SwaySounnds and Jae Butt from Lucky Ent


Hey Matt and Jae, you’ve just partnered one of the biggest YouTube channels in Australia with one of the biggest entertainment companies, Lucky Ent – what does this mean to you?

M- This is a huge opportunity for Sway Sounnds to reach our full potential and to provide the highest quality content to our fans!

J- Very excited for this, its going to be a fantastic partnership for both companies, I can’t wait for the next 12 months

With so many other music channels out there, how are you going differentiate yourselves?

M- With Lucky Ent. Now by our side, we will be able to provide new and exclusive content to our fans never before heard on any other channels or platforms, making SwaySounnds the go to channel for music on YouTube!

J – We’re going to give fans content they want and need! Big things!

What does ‘Good music is good music’ mean?

J- too many people try and stick to one style or genre, the way I work and the way SwaySounnds is set up is it doesn’t matter what style or genre, good music is good music and deserves to be heard!!

How did SwaySounnds get started for you Matt?

M – SwaySounnds for me started as a hobby back in April of 2013. Myself and my close mate Jack Wallyn started the channel purely to attempt to support music that we were vibing at the time, we would just spend all day at school looking for solid tunes upload. After about 3 years it grew into something greater than we could of ever imagined. It was Brynny’s bootleg of FourFiveSeconds that went viral being our first upload to hit a million views. From that point on we were on the rise!

How did this partnership come about?

M – After taking a break from uploading on YouTube due to personal issues,  Jae contacted me asking what was going on with the channel if we were still up and running. Jae had said he had heaps of ideas and ambitions for swaysounnds to take it further, and brought up the idea to partner up, and now here we are!

When does your passions for music date back to?

M- For me personally, I’ve always been a fan of any kind of music for as long as I can remember, growing up listening to the likes of Eminem, Enrique Iglesias and basically any ministry of sound CD I could get my hands on! My passion for electronic music specifically dates back to about 2010, with Skrillex’s release of his album ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites’ from that I just branched off the kind of dubstep scene and it wasn’t until the release of Djuro’s remix of Trumpsta and Will Sparks original track Ah Yeah that made me fall in the with the Melbourne scene!

Who are some of your favourite artists right now?

M- The all time favourites would have to be the usual Skrillex, Deadmou5, Will sparks, Joel fletcher, JDG and Prosdo who are constantly killing the scene! There’s a lot of young guns that also deserve a mention because of how much they’ve been killing it in the studio recently. This includes, Tyron Hapi, MVCE, Eryk, Bad Computer, Kore-G, Nath Jennings Eric Sidey and Morning Maxwell. There’s heaps more out there but these few having been standing to my attention the past couple of months with their latest releases.

J- Everyone on the Lucky, Bourne and Teamwrk roster of course, but outside of what I work with, illenium, Mike Perry and im thrashing Story Untold for anyone that likes punk rock

Where did the name SwaySounnds come from?

M- Funny but stupid story actually, back in high school at the start of year 9, I went to write swag (back when that was a thing) in a mates book but he pulled it away before I could finish the top of the g, making it look like I wrote sway, from then on it just stuck and we got known as the ‘Sway’ guys at school. Then when it came to starting the YouTube channel, we just thought the name SwaySounnds fit well! Also had to have two n’s in ‘Sounnds’ because there was another channel called Sway Sounds with the one n that was inactive with no uploads.