Lucky Ent is proud to announce our latest venture towards our new label, Teamwrk Records.

Teamwrk Records is a distribution by Universal Music Australia – a division of the largest Australian music corporation, Universal Music Group.

Teamwrk Records is brought to you in an aim to introduce the latest talent and release a brand new set of superstars in the field of all things pop, urban and dance.

We are currently seeking demos from aspiring artists with their new killer dance beats so if you have some unique self-made tunes that you think deserve a chance, send them through and we’d love to listen!

To send in your submissions to Teamwrk Records, follow this link:


And, don’t forget to give Teamwrk Records Facebook page a like to stay updated with all the latest beats and follow us through our journey of finding the next Australian superstars – which maybe even could be you!